Upland Youth Karate Class
Serving Upland and surrounding communities since 2011
5 Benefits Of Kids Martial Arts
1. Your child will learn to focus better. Most kids who have problems concentrating on tasks at hand are easily distracted and can't sit still for more than 15 seconds. There is also a LOT of moving around since these children are also relentlessly energetic and restless

2. The desire to succeed will manifest itself. For loving parents like you here in Upland, being able to see their children do well in life is truly the greatest reward that a parent can hope for.

 3. Following instructions will become second nature. This is a huge plus for any child who has ever taken Martial Arts, as well as for his parents! If your child has trouble following instructions, then this alone is reason enough to give my program a try.

 4. A sense of respect will be instilled in your child. Although Martial Arts is a contact sport, respect is ALWAYS the most important principle enforced. Your child will develop a love for self-respect followed by a desire to respect others - EVEN when this respect is not reciprocated.

5. Your child's fitness level will greatly improve. Child obesity is on the rise. In fact, children in many parts of the world are heavier and lazier than ever!

Reviews From Real Parents

Esquer Family

"Awesome senseis! Very patient with the kids. Always there whenever we need them."

Hernandez Family

"This place is awesome! Not only are the Sensei's great at what they do, but you can also tell that they have passion and desire to help their clients and family! Thank you so much and we are honored to be a part of this family!"
Meet The Owner 
Hello Loving Parent,

Let me introduce myself my name is Jessica Castillo and I am the owner and head instructor at California Black Belt Academy.........

...........Our family martial arts academy has been empowering our community through the teachings of Tang Soo Do, JuJitsu, Kickboxing, and practical self defense. Our instructors are hand picked and go through an extensive amount of physical and mental training to ensure they are providing the best possible training to all students and clients.

 Not only are they selected based on their martial arts skills but also their ability to communicate that knowledge with adults as well as children in a positive manner.......

........Built on the principals of family, fitness, and honor, California Black Belt Academy provides you with a family environment, energetic instructors, and group classes that will help you unlock your full mental and physical potential.

Our classes are designed to give self confidence and an "I Can Achieve" attitude.

On this page you will see more information on our kids karate program along with some reviews from parents just like you who joined our youth empowerment program. I want to make sure our program is a proper fit for you and your family.
But the good news is that right now, you have the chance of a lifetime to discover a simple and easy way to completely turn around your child’s behavior. 

And I don't mean by using harsh discipline or bribery. This solution will not only improve behavior, it will instill a sense of self-discipline and respect. 

This is why the effects are long-term and not temporary.